Wiley Technology, Design, and Innovation Group
User Experience Research Internship

Conducting research for online systems to better understand the needs and workflows of students, professors, authors, and researchers


At John Wiley & Sons, Inc. I worked with business clients to discuss future projects needing user experience research, developed interview guides and surveys for user studies, evaluated qualitative and quantitative results, and presented findings and potential solutions for problems to key stakeholders.

Author Services Project

For this project, I worked with authors to understand how research was to be submitted online to journals through Wiley's Author Services. After conducting interviews and analyzing the qualitative data, our team developed a user flow for publication submissions and useful resources to guide authors during the process.

Wiley Online Library Project

This project involved studying the way librarians, students, and professors ordered textbooks and publications online through WOL. After conducting research, I met with the user experience designers and WOL project leads to create optimize the checkout procedure.

Side Project

Throughout the summer, I worked with the project leads for a future system Wiley will develop and deploy, Career Portal. Career Portal allows students to gain the skills needed for a specific job, while receiving career coaching from a professional. I created an online interactive prototype of the system through an interative process

designed and developed by me!