ArtBytes: Bachelor's HCI Capstone Project

An augmented-reality mobile application designed for art-seekers and art-makers.


Over the course of this semester, our team of five BHCI students worked on ArtBytes, a mobile application designed for art-seekers and art-makers. From January to May 2016, our team completed a detailed and holistic process of assessing and improving upon the app’s user flow and features. ArtBytes:

  • Help art seekers in developing a better understanding of their aesthetic preferences through creating connections across various museum and gallery experiences
  • Increase access to works of art by bringing them outside of the controlled space of the museum and galleries with private collections, and into public spaces through augmented reality technologies
  • Engage museum and gallery goers into an active experience that combines seeing art and creating art

Background Research

We extracted that in order for the use of technology to be worthwhile, it must encourage careful thought and personal expression. These are two goals of art-seekers, and also goals of the institution. Secondly, it must leverage existing museum-goer behavior. This includes social aspects as well as personal aspects, including documentation of experiences through photos.


We created five storyboards to test the existing concept of ArtBytes and additional features. We tested these storyboards with 10 participants and asked each to read through the storyboard. We then asked them to provide feedback and answered any questions.

Example of a storyboard used to introduce the ArtBytes concept to users.

Lo-Fi Prototyping

The main goal of these user tests was to understand the discrepancies between users’ mental models of creation and the creation workflow.

Lo-Fi interactive prototype made for think alouds with participants.

Hi-Fi Prototyping

All rounds of user testing were completed by participants who expressed interest in visiting museums and sharing their experiences with their friends, matching the predefined personas.

  • Task 1: Take a picture and create a new ArtByte from that image
  • Task 2: Combine an old ArtByte and new one just made and save to gallery
  • Task 3: Make exhibition from the chair and the grey picture (combined ArtBytes) and save

Final designs specifications were created and sent to client.

designed and developed by me!